History 128 Exam 2 Review

History 128 Exam 2 Review - Chapters 22 23 24 WWI Warfront...

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Chapters 22 23 24 WWI Warfront Lecture “Speed of War” – WWI 1914-1918 U. S. In war from 1917-1918. Tanks, machine guns, airplanes, poison gas, submarines. Tremendous change in the way the war is fought, a lot more killing b/c of all these inventions, a lot more bloody war. .. war in trenches b/c needed protection from tanks and machine guns. .. gas masks for the gas that settled in the trenches internal combustion engines in planes and tanks Central Powers – Germany, Austria, Italy Germany fights w/o good allies and causes them to loose this war. their strength is that they all touch each other. .. What sucks for Germany is that Austria is pitiful and Italy changes sides in the middle of the war. (Allied Powers – Brittish, Russia, French, U.S.) “Culture War?” – 1914-1918 England v Germany in propaganda battle to get U.S. on their side. England tried to ruin the German image. Under ocean telegraph cable that connected us to England in Canada. Once we chose a side we tried to eliminate German heritage in our own country (franks became hotdogs and discrimination against Lutherans, and people in Wisconsin, no Bach or Beethoven) manifested our own patriotism by playing national anthem before sporting events. ... “Lusitania” – Luxury cruse ship sunk in 1915 by Germans while in rout from New York to London – 128 Americans and 1000 British killed killed. Navy not Army ready to go to war, President not willing to go to war. Old rules. .. give warning. .. send out lifeboats. .. sink ship. .. pick up survivors. .. but not w/ submarines. .. they just killed everybody – no exception w/ Lusitanian Germans warned passengers, the ship carried ammunitions, didn’t matter and everybody dies Zimmerman Telegram – Zimmerman is the German Foreign Minister (1917) He tried to get Mexico to attack America to keep the U.S. soldiers occupied and out of Europe. .. didn’t work. .. just pissed off Pres. Wilson WWI Homefront Lecture “The American Difference” – Americans are manufacturing and supplying food and weapons to Allies. Russia drops out right when we come in. .. so our troops were fresh and they helped w/ the morale but the main thing was our manufacturing and supplying. .. Convoy - Naval vessels were all around the merchant ships so the Germans wouldn’t be able to sink them on the way to Britain. In the whole process of transporting our trips to Europe. .. We didn’t loose one single ship. Carried many men and materials across the atlantic. Helped win the war. CPI – Geroge Kreel – 1917-1918 - Committee on Public Information. Pro-war propaganda. People who go around and preaching war support. Hired 75000 men who would run around the U.S. giving 4 minute speeches. .. because our reasons for going to war were pretty shaky. .. successful for the most part. .. we didn’t have any problem getting our soldiers to go to war and the great migration filled all the job slots. .. Espionage Act – 1917
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History 128 Exam 2 Review - Chapters 22 23 24 WWI Warfront...

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