Exam 1 Notes

Exam 1 Notes - Class notes Leadership- manage people, dont...

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Unformatted text preview: Class notes Leadership- manage people, dont abuse, other mgmt uses tech + can abuse, Exception Management- look for negative behavior and punish, new method- reward + behavior, Information= networking, Contingency view handle anything, Quality management- quality sells, learning organization- next generation TQM networking heah haunch not day-to-day improves quality drives down responsibility Video- liberation management, crazy times call for crazy operations fashion stock market value Microsoft 2 billion > gm 25 billion. Trying to sell more intellect less materials 3m. NY times discovered washing- Microsoft/bill gates Microsoft only factory asset is human imagination Cant manage, need to flourish creating curious corporations. Liberation leads to profitability reduced layers of management more independence, empowered team, nothing stupider about coming to customers with 8 layer mgmt team, rule of 5 employees for every 1 billion profit margin, decentralized requires divisions to have independent personality- own clothes own ideas. Every organization prepare to abandon everything- continuous reinventing. Tom Peters. Ethics- way in which we decide value-laden questions? Values- things in you that determine good/bad? Culturally imposed. Morals- subsets value apply to interpersonal relationships with opposite sex and personal decisinons. How get morals- 0-3 imprinting- little kids learn by watching learn half of what ever know. 3-9 modeling- model behavior based on others heros- sports figures parents celebrities. 10-20 value laden socialization- learn values from friends. Holberts theory of moral development. Step 3- good girl does/doesnt, step 4- duty peer pressure school homework vote, post conventional- step 5- social contract citizen must vote unbreakable unthinkable, step 6- universal principles- transcend nationality. Role of business is to create a customer. Mission statement- makes you get out of bed follow your bliss value statement I believe Movie- Xanedu educated but poor currently military regime, set up manufacturing plants? Son would be treated like royalty? Accept bribe to expedite process? CHAPTER ONE Management- attainment of organizational goals in effective and efficient manner: planning (select goals and way to attain them), organizing (assign responsibility for task accomplishment) , leading (use influence to motivate employees), controlling resources (monitor activities and make corrections). Organization- goal-directed and deliberately structure social entity. effectiveness- degree to which the organization achieves a stated goal. which the organization achieves a stated goal....
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Exam 1 Notes - Class notes Leadership- manage people, dont...

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