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Spanish Handout on Cities

Spanish Handout on Cities - La Habana Mérida San Pedro de...

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Unformatted text preview: La Habana, Mérida, San Pedro de Macorís, y El Viejo San Juan La Habana, Cuba Summary Havana was at one time a very modern and cosmopolitan city, but today many buildings need repairs. The city also has many museums and is considered a center for art. The capitol building is much like the one in Washington D.C. Short Answer • La Habana es muy agradable y tiene museos y monumentos de gran interés y belleza. La Habana es un centro importante de todas las artes. • La Habana es fascinante porque La Habana tiene muchos museos. • Sus principales atracciones son el Museo Arabe, el Museo de la Revolución, el Museo de Carros Antiguos, el Museo Nacional de Música y el capitolio. Vocabulario • cosmopolita- cosmopolitan • reparaciones- repairs • belleza- beauty Mérida, Venezuela Summary Mérida is situated in the Andes Mountains in Venezuela. The University of the Andes is a respected school that attracts many foreign students. Students come to the university not just because it is respected but that attracts many foreign students....
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