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Trevor Halle Philosophy 101 Prof. Eklund A Cosmological First Mover As people begin to contemplate the beginning of the universe, they often find themselves faced with the question of how the universe, or at least the early remnants of it, came to exist in the first place. Scientists have posited the Big Bang, an infinite existence of the universe, and an all-powerful Creator, just to name a few. No matter what attitude a person originally takes toward this mysterious moment of creation, he or she will always have to consider at least the mere possibility of the existence of a god, a being that existed before and independent from everything we are familiar with. In light of all of these possibilities, we will reflect on St. Thomas Aquinas’ argument concerning the existence of a God. He attempts to claim that there is “recourse to a necessarily existent Being, who carries the reason of his existence in himself; and who cannot be supposed not to exist, without an express contradiction” (qtd. in Blackburn 160). This is known as the cosmological argument, and uses the concept of a necessary original being that is its own cause (as cause and effect cannot extend backwards in time forever), to show that God must exist. While at the surface this conclusion may seem logical, there are logical inconsistencies concerning the nature of the universe itself and the definition of this necessary first cause; the argument responds to some of these, but others point out serious holes in the integrity of the argument. It is natural to assume that something had to come first when we think about the
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Philosophy of God - Trevor Halle Philosophy 101 Prof....

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