HST9-19-07 - "Civilizing" the Frontier: Federal...

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1. Early Federal Removal Polices Relocation West of the Mississippi, 1830 – possible only because native Americans were removed by the federal government and railroad companies… wanted to push native Americans off their land and onto reservations … Fort Laramie Treaty, 1868 - The Reservation/Confinement System, 1860-1880 – 1890, almost all Indian nations… 2. The Indians Wars – wars over Indian land reservation…financial hardship for federal government Custer’s Last Stand, June, 1876 – North Dakota…federal government decided to seize land…Grant sent Custer to remove the Sioux…all troops were killed (256 men). ..land was still settle by farmers and crossed through by railroads… The Ghost Dance, 1890 – thousands of Sioux took part…federal government arrested the ghost dancers Wounded Knee, 1890 – federal government killed mostly women and children… 3. Extermination of Bison
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HST9-19-07 - "Civilizing" the Frontier: Federal...

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