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HST8-27-07 - changed from maintaining union& was now a...

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What Does Freedom Mean? – 8/27/07 Why did the Confederacy Lose? – Lack of railroads, very few went North to South… Lack of banks States Rights – formation of a Nation State Yeomanry Class Division – 75% of southerners didn’t own slaves Slavery & Slaveholders - Slaveholders with More Than 20 Slaves Exempt Slaves Undermined the Confederacy – slaves knew the war would end slavery…the actions of slaves placed the end of slavery on he agenda in the war. Ran to Union Lines – slaves run for union lines Contraband of War – union army called slaves contraband of war…slaves wanted to fight with the union First Confiscation Act, 1862 – Lincoln abolished slavery in the union, 200,000 slaves served on the side of the union Militia Act, 1862 Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 – signaled that the course of the war had
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Unformatted text preview: changed from maintaining union & was now a war to end slavery Reconstruction Begins – the process of restoring the nation. • 13 th Amendment January, 1865 – abolished slavery • Lincoln’s 10% Plan – Lincoln’s vision of reconstruction…white southerners had to take an oath to the union and support emancipation. Freedmen & the Land Question • Sherman, Special Field Order 15, 1865 – William Sherman’s March to the Sea with 10,000 freed slaves…granted 40 acre plots & broken down mules to freedmen…distributed 400,000 acres of confederate land…Andrew Johnson took back the land • How did freedmen define freedom? – land ownership, education, the right to vote… • Rejected Wage Labor - • Land Ownership • Substance Farming...
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