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A Nation of Immigrants: 9/10/07 The New Immigrants Pogroms Assimilation – adopting the ways of another country…many immigrants changed their names Public School – children became central in the process of assimilation…learned English in public schools before their parents Henry Ford and the “Melting Pot” – Henry Ford set up English classes for his work force. Landsmanchaft – explained baseball to readers as a way of “becoming American”…bintel brief-advice column
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Unformatted text preview: Immigration Restriction 1882, Chinese Exclusion Act Chinese made up 9% of California 1885, Contract Labor Law anyone who had contracted work before their move to the US couldnt contract work in the US 1891, Ban of Contagious Diseases & Mental Disorders 1903, Ban on Anarchists 1917, Ban on Feeble-Minded; Literacy Test Anti-Immigrant Sentiment o Ellis Island 6,000-10,000 immigrants a day o 1890-1910 15 million immigrants come to the USless than 2% were deported for failing a series of tests at Ellis Island...
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