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The Rise of Jim Crow-9/5/07 Jim Crow was a character in Minstrelsy. Jim Crow system was a new system in the 1880s…not dismantled until the 1950s Disfranchisement -casting a group of people out of the electoral body. ..key piece of creating a segregated south -The Mississippi Plan -the innovator in passing disfranchisement laws…”good government reform”… 1890 disfranchised black voters and poor white voters…Southern states followed -Literacy Test -Poll Tax -Grandfather Clause-( Louisiana ) allowed men to register to vote only if they could have voted in 1867 or descended from someone who voted in 1867…by 1900 or earlier, all southern states disfranchised black voters -Decline in voting population- 11% voted in 1896 3% of adult blacks voted(130,000-1,300) Disfranchisement of poor white people- 160,00 to 90,000 of white voters…poor white men and African Americans voted in similar ways “fusion politics”…
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Unformatted text preview: Segregation-Education-first public schools were segregated from the beginningunderfunding African American schools60% of school aged children were African American but only 20% of the money went to their schoolsuntil 1916 there were not four year high schools for African Americans-Public Accommodations-railroads: African Americans sat in 2 nd class unless they were traveling with their mastersstreetcars and steamboats, toilets, water fountains, theaters, hospitals, jails, courtrooms(different bibles for African Americans to swear on)NC passed at least 23 Jim Crow Laws-Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896-was not overturned until Brown v Board in 1954violated the 14 th amendment because of equal protection of the law8 justices ruled separate but equal is legal, 1 did not.-Separate but Equal Lynch Law-KKK-Wave of Terrorism-1882-1927, 3,500 documented lynchings Populist Party:...
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