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Redemption: 8/31/07 The Demise of Radical Reconstruction – Landowner provided various supplies to former slaves to work and then got 2/3 of crops produced as a payment for rent Rise of Ku Klux Klan – attacked power that African Americans had gained Northern Commitment to Reconstruction Declines – 1873: Economic Depression…Republicans turn their backs on African Americans The Bargain of 1877 – took place behind closed doors…Republicans won electoral vote, Democrats won popular vote…Hayes(R) became president & Federal
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Unformatted text preview: Government left the South Hayes Becomes President Federal Troops Withdrawn from South Great Railway Strike of 1877 The White South Redeemed Disfranchisement of Black Voters removing voters from the registration list Overthrow of Black Elected Officials The Wilmington Coup, 1898 First and only Coup to take place in the US George Henry White o Redemption: a movement of white southerners who booted Black officials out of office/the end of Reconstruction...
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