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Reconstruction: Nothing but Freedom? – 8/29-07 Rehearsal for Reconstruction Sherman, Special Field Order 15 Freedmen of Edisto Island Presidential Reconstruction – Johnson came to heads with Congress. He opposed the political rights of African Americans…Spring 1865: Let Confederates off the hook if they pledged loyalty to the Union and gave land back to the Confederates Black Codes – Laws that enforced labor agreements between planters and emancipated slaves…Mississippi and SC: most crucial Black Codes o Forbid Black land ownership o Written documents of employment each Jan…had to work at the same place for a year o Can’t rent land in urban areas o Could not preach the gospel o Annually taxed if they didn’t want to work as a farmer or server o The intent to steal o Stealing a horse, mule o Hunting, fishing, gamming Injustice of the black codes raged the radical republicans of the north (Thaddeus
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Unformatted text preview: Stevens) Radical Reconstruction, 1867-1877 • Civil Rights Act, 1866 – gave former slaves the right to make and enforce contracts, sue, testify in court, & buy/sell land • Freedmen’s Bureau • 14 th Amendment – overturned the Dred Scott decision; defined citizenship to all born in the US…transformed the relationship between Federal and State Governments • Reconstruction Act • 15 th Amendment – Allowed African American men to vote…most Freedmen became republicans…in 5 southern states, blacks outnumbered whites…more than 1500 African Americans held office(eventually cast out of office in the 1870s) The Demise of Reconstruction • Sharecropping & Tenancy • Rise of the Ku Klux Klan • Bargain of 1877...
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