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Making the New Deal 10/15/07 The Glass-Steagall Act, 1933 – Government had authority over banks Banking Regulation – Emergency Banking Act (protects smaller banks) First Fireside Chat, 12 March 1933 – concerned the banking crisis… Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933 – a project that began developing a series of dams…cheap source of electric power…established local industry and prevented flooding…connected to work relief, Hoover Dam – created to provide cheap electricity…Completed in 1935… improving living conditions… Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933 – Part of the 1 st New Deal…Young men were recruited to work on the construction of the dams and recreational facilities in national parks Works Progress Administration, 1935 – Part of the 2 nd New Deal…like the CCC with work release problems…public art projects…slave narratives (interviewed former slaves…built roads, schools, post office…3 million people each year…100,000 public buildings…hired a range of people with a range of
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