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From Depression to New Deal: 10/10/07 Depression Bonus Army, 1932 – veterans protested for the payment of their war bonus… Hoover orders the evacuation of the veterans… Boycotts, “Don’t buy where you can’t work” & Riot of 1935 – 25% of Americans were unemployed…”last hired, first fired”…African Americans boycott white businesses that wouldn’t hire African Americans…riot began because of a rumor that a young man had been beaten The “First” New Deal - FDR’s plan for bringing the nation out of the Great Depression…regulated business…redefined the relationship between citizens and the state…FDR=liberalism…federal programs to help citizens… Keynesian Economics – federal government would be making sure Americans had money in their pockets… Banking Crisis National Industrial Recovery Act - regulate prices, wages, and hours… outlawed child labor…NRA served as a watchdog agency…encouraged people to boycott businesses that did not follow NRA regulations…companies began to
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