Week4Lecture - When reading scripts, we have to understand...

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When reading scripts, we have to understand the basic foundations and structure of the writing. We are going to be discussing dramatic action and how dramatic action is organized through the parts of drama, dramatic forms, and dramatic styles. Even if you haven’t read a script before, we can all agree that it is composed of written lines to be read as dialogue. This is quite different from a novel or short story in that you are reading what is to be heard. Not that it is a difficult challenge, however, it is understanding what is implied or left unspoken that can be tricky. All in all, we are looking for the nuances of interaction between characters, reflections of human experience, and observing developing action in the plot. Dramatic action, as Aristotle has stated in his important work Poetics, is the representation of human beings “in action”. It is what and why characters “do” in relation to the play’s theme, thereby forming the dramatic action, bringing the play together as a whole. For example, in the plot of Forrest Gump , if he was sitting at a bus stop eating chocolate and that’s it, we wouldn’t have dramatic action. It is him telling his life story and us the audience viewing those stories that creates action. In a script, three steps must be present. First, there must be a purpose or the goal of the plot. Secondly, the script should have passion or a desire/suffering that characters act to fulfill goals along their emotional undergoing. Lastly, the script’s perception is the understanding that comes from the struggle of the character’s passion. Let’s put this together… Forrest Gump’s purpose is to visit his friend he hasn’t seen for some time. Now for the next layer, she is the love of his life. Okay, if we stopped here the movie would be over in minutes – in order for the dramatic action to develop, we have to understand why this relationship is so special – we have to understand Forrest Gump’s passion for her. Hence his telling of his life stories. We, the audience, get to see his desires and struggles in his emotional undergoing. Again, without perception or an understanding of his struggle, we would be left with an ordinary
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Week4Lecture - When reading scripts, we have to understand...

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