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The Civil War: From War to Revolution – 8/24/07 Sectional Division Missouri Compromise, 1820 – Missouri=slave state Maine=free state Compromise of 1850 – California=free state Fugitive Slave Law, 1850 – Americans are required to return fugitive slaves to their owners. Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854 – People in Kansas & Nebraska got to vote on whether they were free or slave states. Dred Scott, 1857 – sued his master for his freedom b/c he lived in a free state… supreme court ruled that African Americans were not citizens…Congress couldn’t bar slavery in any state because that’s taking away the right to own property(slaves) Republican Party, Lincoln, “Free Soil” o Election of 1860 – Lincoln(R) was not even on the ballot
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Unformatted text preview: o Republican Party – Free Soilers & Abolitionists o Lincoln did not want to end slavery at first Why did the Confederacy Lose? • States Rights • Yeomanry & Class Division • Slaves, Contraband of War o What caused the Civil War? o Why did a war that was to maintain union, become a revolution that ended slavery? o South 1860-Slave Society: 1 in 4 Southerners owned slaves, 75% of southerners grew crops for themselves, not to be sold o North 1860-Abolished Slavery gradual manumission laws, more factories in the North o North & South depended on each other. o Would the North or South set the course of the US? o The interest in westward expansion forced the question of slavery. o New states had to choose: slave state or free state....
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