HST9-26-07&10-1-07 - The Great War: 9/26/07 Cause &...

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The Great War: 9/26/07 called the great war b/c they didn’t know the 2 nd world war was coming…century marked by war…prior to the war, there were no world wars…”total war b/c unlike other wars…waged for unlimited ends…no understanding on the 20 th century without understanding the war Immediate v. latent – Latent: conflict over control of colonies…Immediate: assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand…Central Powers: Germany, Austria- Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria…Allies: (US), France, Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan The United States Enters the War : Wilson called for Americans to be impartial… shifted the power of the war… Economic entanglements – made it hard for the US to be neutral…trading with both allies and central powers…US had the right to trade with Germany b/c of neutrality but did not b/c of trade with Britain…1910 US 1/3 world’s manufactured goods…produced one of the greatest manufacturing booms b/c of request for ammunition and supplies…turned US into chief military source for the Allies…
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HST9-26-07&10-1-07 - The Great War: 9/26/07 Cause &...

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