HST10-17-07 - World War II: The Good War 10/17/07 Germany,...

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World War II: The Good War 10/17/07 Germany, Hitler and Mein Kampf – 1933, Hitler elected “President” of Germany… Mein Kampf (My Struggle) at the end of WWI, he promised to be a politician and “save his country”…began blaming Jews for the nation’s economic downfall. Brown shirts - Hitler Youth – Children over the age of 10 joined the Nazi party German Expansion - Rhineland, Austria, Poland, France - Hitler’s “Final Solution” - German Jews “needed” to be exterminated. Aryan Superiority - Eugenics - Euthanasia - Master Race - Ghettos - The Holocaust – mass murder of 6 million Jews and other minority groups…midwives
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