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The War at Home: 10/22/07 America at War – lay the foundation for the Civil Rights movement FDR’s Four Freedoms – Speech, Worship, from Want, from Fear American Neutrality – Most American Politicians knew about the Death Camps The Bombing of Pearl Harbor – brought the US into the war…Japanese blanket bombed Pearl Harbor…Senate unanimously agreed to go to war The War and American Society – 1/3 of US production was committed to making war equipment…fixed wages and prices and rationed necessities so factories would focus on war production. Women in the Workforce – US government launched a campaign “Rosie the Riveter” to encourage women to join the workforce…marked a shift in American society…women are later fired to make room for returning soldiers Japanese Internment – US threatened by Japanese living in the US… Americans directed hostility towards Japanese-Americans…imprisoned
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Unformatted text preview: Japanese-Americans in “relocation centers” …no proof that any of the Japanese had committed treason…gradual release and $20000 granted to each person in the internment camps. • Bracero Program – bracero=unskilled worker…US and Mexican government formed this program for Mexican workers to work on farms during the war… program ended in 1964, like women, were fired from their job to make room for returning soldiers… The War and the American South – revolutionizes the South, shifts to industrial agriculture…WWII=South’s New Deal…the south began welcoming federal dollars… farms declined by 40% • African Americans in the Military – increase of lynching in the American south…African Americans wanted to to desegregate the war…forbade segregation of buildings owned by the federal government • The Growth of the Military Industrial Complex -...
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