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The 1950s: An Affluent Society? 10/29/07 Wealth - Economic Prosperity – GPN exceeded 100 billion dollars…15% unemployment…more American’s got credit cards Unions, High Wage - Military Industrial Complex – growing military and armaments…central to American economy growth…1955 20% federal budget went to military spending. Trade surplus - The GI Bill – provided benefits to veterans of WWII, pension, healthcare, low- interest loans (only to those purchasing homes in the suburbs), paid for education of veterans…central to the growth of the suburbs Middle Class - $10,000=middle class income 30% of Americans fit into middle
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Unformatted text preview: class in the 1960s…aided by the GI bill, graduation and college enrollment increased 25% of all housing available, had been built in 1960. • The Suburbs – grew by 45% in the 1950s…american’s began buying TVs and watching 5 hours a day o Culture of consumption - o White Flight - o Conventional gender roles - Consumer Culture & Military Spending- • Antidote on Communism? - o The Kitchen Debate - o Bomb shelters - o Duck and Cover – children had nuclear attack drills o Highway Act, 1956 - The Critics & Poverty- • Rates of Poverty - • Harrington, The Other America - • Galbraith, The Affluent Society -...
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