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Freedom Struggles: The Civil Rights Movement, 1960s 11/5/07 1960, Greensboro Sit-ins – organized by college students (now NC State), members of the NAACP, 70,000 students had participated 1961, Freedom Rides – CORE members…pointed to the strength of white violence and the unreliability of law enforcement…road on buses that were segregated, whites smashed windows/slashed tires…interstate commerce commission desegregated transportation between states 1962, Voter Registration Drives – SNCC began to attempt to register voters in Alabama 1963, Birmingham Movement - Bull Conner – sheriff of Birmingham, turned fire hoses on activists trying to register voters Governor George Wallace – “segregation forever” 1963, March on Washington - 1963, Bombing of 16 th Street Baptist Church – members of the Klan killed 4 little girls
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Unformatted text preview: with the bombing of the church in Birmingham…Kennedy came on the TV to discuss the event and others 1964, Freedom Summer - 1964, Voting Rights Act – allows for voter registration in the south…President Johnson says he will fight for the rights of the blacks 1965, “Bloody Sunday,” March from Selma to Montgomery – the march was to bring attention to voter registration…Gov. Wallace had the police to stop the march, but the police started chasing and beating people and used tear gas 1965, Civil Rights Act - Key Civil Rights Organizations: • SCLC – Southern Christian Leadership Conference - • CORE – Congress on Radical Equality - • SNCC – Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee - Massive Resistance • Governors Faubus & Wallace - • White Citizens Council - • Interposition - • Dixiecrats -...
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