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HST11-9-07 - • Alleged attack on the Tonkin Gulf 1964 –...

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The Cold War: 11/9/07 Vietnam as Cold War French Colonial Rule - Dien Bien Phu, 1954 – battle that took place in 1954, marked the end of French rule in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh – leader of the movement for a free Vietnam…seeking to form independent communist state…argued that he was fighting for freedom from the colonial rule just like the US fought from British Colonial Rule Viet Minh – Nationalist Organization US goal, non-communist Vietnam – wanted to establish a non-communist state in Vietnam, overthrow the communist rule, after April of 1975, communist ruled the entire nation Domino Theory – If Vietnam fell to communism, all of Asia would also… containment National Liberation Front, (known as Vietcong), 1960 - – 17,000 troops in Vietnam when Johnson came into office, half a million troops were in Vietnam after he left office
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Unformatted text preview: • Alleged attack on the Tonkin Gulf, 1964 – Vietnamese ship attacked a US ship in the Tonkin Gulf, two days later another attack was reported, but with no proof. • Tonkin Gulf Resolution – Gives president Johnson the right to fight in the war, LBJ did not want to lose the war, US began bombing Vietnam in retaliation Waging the War • General Westmorland, attrition & body counts, “hearts & minds” – 3.4 million Vietnamese were killed…1964-1975 US participated…war strategy became attrition (counting bodies) how they decided who was winning the war • Dow Chemical Napalm, Agent Orange – agent orange was a defoliant (took all the leaves off the trees) so they could see Vietnamese hiding • Tet Offensive, 1968 - Protest...
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