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The Vietnam War at Home: The Anti-War Movement 11/14/07 Draft Resistance New Left - Student Movement - Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) – organized the anti-war movement; burned their draft cards (400,000 students) Port Huron Statement - Free Speech Movement – Berkley refused to allow students to pass out pamphlets on nuclear war issues University of Wisconsin, 1967 – Dow Chemical tried to recruit students to work…first time student protestors came across violence Protest against Dow Chemical – produced agent orange and napalm Kent State, 1970 – 4 students shot as they protested against the war
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Unformatted text preview: Great Society - 1968 – Large scale riots, student uprisings surrounding the civil rights movement • Martin Luther King Assassinated – MLK spoke out against the war in Vietnam before his assassination, called for anti-war activism • Urban Rioting – o People that had once supported the military began to protest the war in Vietnam o Two things that radicalized students: 1. Draft – full-time students were exempted unless they had a low GPA (beginning on grade-inflation) 2. Universities researching for chemical companies and drafting students to work for them...
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