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HST11-26-07 - Movement Culture Feminism Gay Rights...

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Movement Culture: Feminism, Gay Rights, Environmentalism 11/26/07 Feminism – 2 nd wave feminism (1 st wave was suffrage movement) changed the lives of men and women…Why did the modern feminist movement emerge in the 1960s? Women entered the workforce in growing numbers. The rise of the suburbs made women have very defined social roles. Groups were concerned with oppression and equal rights. Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique – written in 1963, one of the most important books in the rise of American feminism…questioned women’s roles in the modern society…began to the study the discontent of the middle class women with controlled social roles “The American home was a comfortable concentration camp.” Women in the Workforce – women with young children began entering the workforce by 1960 (50% of women with children)…America was becoming a post-industrial economy…women got married later and the birthrate began to drop Wage differential, “gender gap”
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