HST11-30-07 - -Key Republicans- Barry Goldwater, 1964...

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The Rise of the New Right; 11/30/07 – Republican Party redefines the four freedoms. Conservatives replaced freedom from want with free market capitalism. Tax Cuts: Ronald Reagan (Arnold of the 1940s) United States begins importing more than exporting and becoming a country of consumers and not producers (post-industrial nation) Products from China and Mexico came into the US. In 1980, US was the world’s largest import of goods. Decline of Union Jobs and Rise of Service Sector o After WWII, Meat Packing was one of the highest paying industrial jobs and was one of the most secure jobs. Today it is the lowest paying sector of the industrial economy. Origins of the Right – As Americans have lost economic power, they shifted to the right Corporate/Capitalist Conservatism - Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom – wanted to do away with social programs Social Conservatism & Populist Right - The Reagan Revolution & the Tax Revolt
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Unformatted text preview: -Key Republicans- Barry Goldwater, 1964 Republican candidate that lost during the election of 1964 Ronald Reagan Politcal Genius Americans thought he could do no wrong even though there were scandals during his administration (Iran-Contra Affair) Reagan took Barry Goldwaters ideas and put them made Americans believe that it was going to help them. Ronald Reagan brought about a revolution in American society (Reagan Revolution) because he labeled himself as a Moderate Pitched the idea of tax cuts. o Reaganomics wanted to cut taxes and cut money spent on social programs (food stamps, head start) and deregulate industry o Trickle down cutting taxes will stimulate economy Liberalism: FDR Social Security Johnson Medicare & Medicaid Nixon Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air & Clean Water Act Two Strands of the New Right: 1. Free Market is essential to freedom 2. The Christian Right/Moral Majority...
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HST11-30-07 - -Key Republicans- Barry Goldwater, 1964...

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