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What Does Freedom Mean? 12/5/07 Who is entitled to justice, equality, and liberty? Reconstruction Amendments o 13 th o 14 th Amendment – defined citizenship, states cannot make laws that violate the rights of citizens, all citizens are entitled to due process of law (cannot be sent to prison without a fair trial), equal protection of the laws o 15 th Amendment - Civil Rights, Equal Rights Question #3 – Vietnam War Broader thesis than “The Vietnam War changed America.”
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Unformatted text preview: • How the Vietnam War is the Cold War. • How the Vietnam War made Americans question the government. o Thesis Statement - Americans watched the Vietnam War on TV and they saw brutality that seemed out of step with the government’s stated goal of establishing a Democratic Vietnam. These images and other news made them question their government. o Student Protests – shooting of 4 student (peaceful) protestors o Tet Offensive...
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