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Final Exam Questions You are a college professor and must give a lecture on the Vietnam War Provide a title that expresses the overall point/argument of your lecture and include a 2-3 sentence thesis statement. Clearly articulate, explain, and analyze five things that your students need to understand about the Vietnam War: 1. The US goal in Vietnam was to overthrow the Communist Party. The Domino Theory: If Vietnam fell under communist control, all of Asia would as well. 2. Waging the War: Body counts=who was winning the war. Killing enough would bring the Vietnamese to their knees. Rolling Thunder=strategic bombing. Napalm/Agent Orange 3. Tet Offensive: Turning point of the war. North Vietnamese staged numerous attacks as a way of demonstrating their power and exposed the weakness of the US military. US pulled troops out of the war but increased bombings. 4. Paris Peace Agreement: called for a ceasefire and ended the war, in theory, but bombings continued for 2 more years until Vietcong bombed Saigon. The fall of Saigon marked the end of the war. The first
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Final Exam Questions - Final Exam Questions • • OR You...

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