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EXAM THREE STUDY GUIDE by Sarah Templeton CHAPTERS 11-14 This study guide is merely a guide to help organize some of the main themes or ideas within the chapters. This is by no means a complete guide to the test and it does not include some of the important topics covered in class. Thus, this study guide is designed to augment your notes and reading and help provide an organizational framework to aid your memory as you prepare for the exam, however, it is not to be considered a comprehensive review or a substitute for your notes. Chapter 11 Be able to define and recognize examples of personality traits and understand the difference between a state and a trait. Be familiar with McCrae and Costa’s Five-Factor model. Know Freud’s theory of personality. Be able to distinguish between the id, ego, and superego and how they are related to one another. Know the levels of awareness and Freud’s beliefs on sex and aggression. Be familiar with the different types of defense mechanisms and what purpose they serve. Be able to recognize examples of them in action. Know the psychosexual stages and the theorized long term effects from difficulty at any
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course PSY 105 taught by Professor Gordon during the Fall '07 term at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

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psychstudyguide3 - EXAM THREE STUDY GUIDE by Sarah...

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