Exam1Review - Child Psychology, PSY 220 Exam 1 Unit 1:...

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Child Psychology, PSY 220 Exam 1 Unit 1: Foundations of Child Development In class question/answer * Please go over the review sheet in advance so that you can ask me questions on the class period before the exam.* Exam composition The exam is composed of 45 multiple-choice questions. For tips on how to take multiple choice exams, please see the hand-out on strategies for multiple choice exams on Blackboard. What to bring to the exam 1. Please bring your own scantron. It needs to be Form No. 882-E (~4 x 11 inches, white background, aqua-green print, 50 questions on each side). 2. Please bring two #2 pencils with an eraser. Policies 1. Make sure you arrive on time and that you take the exam during the class period you are registered for. If any student leaves before you arrive, you will not be allowed to take the exam and you will receive an automatic 0. 2. If you have special learning needs, please make arrangements with Disability Services and me. 3. If unusual circumstances arise, a make-up exam can be requested. All make-ups will have an essay/short answer format. In order to request a make-up: 1) complete a make-up request form and, 2) include official documentation for your circumstance. They need to be submitted before the exam. If your request has been granted, then a time/date for your make-up will be scheduled. If your request has been denied, then you will be required to complete the exam during the regularly scheduled time/date. Preparation On the following page is a list of topics 1. Use a marker to highlight these topics in your lecture notes, study the notes, and then read up on these topics in the textbook for clarification. 2. If you notice that some topics are only in your lecture notes, but not in the textbook, then just study the notes for these topics. 3. If you notice that some topics are not in your lecture notes, then do look them up in your textbook and study that material for these topics. 4. I encourage you to do active studying in which you’re asking yourself questions, and making yourself answer them either out loud or in writing. This way, you can see what you do and don’t know. 5. I also encourage you to generate applied examples of the topics as appropriate. 1
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_____________________________________________________________________________ _ Topic: Introduction Syllabus -Course objectives, course format, attendance & etiquette, course requirements, make-up policies, grading, tentative schedule, some tips _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Basic issues -continuous or discontinuous development? -one course of development or many?
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/30/2008 for the course PSY 105 taught by Professor Gordon during the Fall '07 term at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

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Exam1Review - Child Psychology, PSY 220 Exam 1 Unit 1:...

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