InfantCognitiveDevelopment - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Since...

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY Since Piaget, there’s has been an abundance of research revisiting Piaget’s original claims about infants and children. Today’s class period focuses on new research on infant cognitive development. Next time, we’ll focus on new research on child cognitive development. With the help of improved methodology, you’ll notice that all of this new research tends to show that infants and children are more advanced than Piaget had suggested. This is an excellent example of how the field of child development is constantly changing as new discoveries are made (e.g., a theory is proposed, research is conducted to test the theory, if there’s not evidence for the theory, a new modified or new theory is proposed….). For the purposes of the exam, please do remember the difference between Piaget and the new research. Infant Cognitive Development I. Core Knowledge Perspective II. Objects III. Categories IV. Number I. Core knowledge perspective -this perspective is different than Piaget’s, it suggests that infants/children have innate, specialized learning abilities or “theories” (i.e., hunches/intuitions/expectations) that allow them to learn quickly about 3 topics: *1. physics (how physical objects work and interact-e.g., if you drop something, it’ll hit the ground)
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InfantCognitiveDevelopment - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Since...

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