Mgmt 370 - Kaylee Manns Management 370 "How Management...

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Kaylee Manns Management 370 “How Management Adds Value to an Organization” Jack Welch, then CEO of GE Company, turned this organization into an industrial icon. His idea of a manger’s job was to, “express a vision, get buy-in, and implement it.” With all these statements he did just that, by taking GE to a whole new level using the “Jack Welch Way.” His type of management made worlds of differences to GE company’s workers, stockholders, and business affiliates. His new style of thinking encompassed a respectable company and turned it into a powerhouse. Managers everywhere have the ability to add worth to their organization. Let’s explore some of the ways Jack Welch, and all managers have/can add this value to corporations. Managers can open the door for their workforce. By allowing feedback to transpire between all levels of the workforce, managers are encouraging the possibilities for product improvement and innovation. If these ‘doors’ are being shut amongst business members, there is no corporation togetherness. All communication lines are closed and no ideas and feedback can be spread throughout the company. As Jack Welch said, “If you want to get the benefit of everything employees have then you’ve got to free them- make everyone a participant. Everybody has to know everything, so they can make the right decisions by themselves.” By allowing workers to explore their intellect, this shows management’s trust, making them feel as though they are a large part of the company and a huge responsibility for improvement lies with them. Giving workers the
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Mgmt 370 - Kaylee Manns Management 370 "How Management...

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