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JIMC 101 October 18 Class thought that Broadcast Television was primary source of news. Broadcast Shimmer- makes you pay attention (trancelike) - on Today Show. Purposes of news: Journalism seen as an American creation- no licensed press. The first broadcast journalism was outside the Roman Senate. Stood outside the senate and told people what was going on? Acta Diurna- (acts of the day) ***Horice Greeley- “Go west young man, go west!” Got Abe Lincoln elected prez by promoting him. Said if you wish to seek economic opportunity you must go west. Greeley is somewhat responsible for moving the country westward. 1869- Trans Continental Railroad. Helped people move west. **231**James Gordon Bennett- Famous for getting it first. Yellow Journalism- 1880s-1890s. James Pulitzer and William Randolphs Hurst. These two men started Spanish-American war by blowing journalism out of proportion. (Stunt Journalism) 1914-1918- became important to tell people what was happening to troops in war.
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Unformatted text preview: Americans were very anti-German. FRIDAY NEWS NOTES FROM JEN October 23 Public Relations (Ch 11) PR- relatively little to do with advertising PR practitioner- PR person PR is about changing and maintaining the image of a group or corporation 1880s- begin to develop science of PR Carnegie- gave money to cities to start public libraries in order to improve his self-image WWI- kicked off minor PR George Creel- made ppl accept the idea that we need to go to war by making it seem as though we were not fighting the Germans. He talked about “the enemy” the Huns and the Kraut. NEVER the Germans. Broadened and took the focus off the German people. Liberty Band FDR- WPA- works progress association. WWII- great time for PR. Propaganda used 1950s and 60s – PR departments established. Hay Day for PR. First began thinking of publics. How do we come to an agreement regarding what we do?! Touchplay...
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