NPR vs. local radio - 1 NPR VS LOCAL NEWS RADIO Mass media...

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NPR VS. LOCAL NEWS RADIO Mass media is defined as cultural industries that produce and distribute content of all kinds to large numbers of people. After evaluating two different forms of mass media, National Public Radio and local commercial news radio, I have come to the conclusion that NPR is substantially more efficient in relaying the news to the public. NPR not only satisfies all functions a media outlet is intended to achieve, but also does so in a logical format. I will stress this opinion using examples from my observations and citing the weaknesses I found in local news radio. The results undeniably point out that National Public Radio in comparison to a news radio show, functions as the superior means of mass media. The first major difference between the two news outlets is that local radio news spends a large portion of its time airing commercials, promotions or advertisements rather than actually reporting news. I tuned in to 98.3 WOW-FM at eight o’clock a.m. and counted sixteen advertisements within forty minutes. I originally intended to listen for thirty minutes but after hearing more commercial ads than newsworthy topics, I
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NPR vs. local radio - 1 NPR VS LOCAL NEWS RADIO Mass media...

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