Blue Sheet Diet and Health

Blue Sheet Diet and Health - Diet and Health: Ch. 11...

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Diet and Health: Ch. 11 Disease Infectious disease Caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microbes. Can be transmitted from one person to another: o Through air, water or food o By contact with infected person o Through vector organisms, such as mosquitoes and fleas Degenerative disease Chronic , irreversible diseases characterized by degeneration of body organs; also called chronic disease. Multi-factorial causes: o Genetic predisposition o Personal medical history o Poor lifestyle Lifestyle choices associated with degenerative diseases include: o Smoking o Excessive alcohol o Lack of PA o Poor food choices Leading causes of death #1 heart disease #2 cancers #3 strokes #4 diabetes Immunity Immunity is impaired by: protein energy Vitamin A, E, and D B-vitamins, Folate, Vitamin C Copper, Magnesium, Selenium ↑ ↑ Iron ↑ ↑ Zinc
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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) >61 million people in the US suffer some form of CVD (about 1 million yearly deaths). CVD = #1 cause of death in developed nations Both men and women are at risk. o Men experience more heart attacks than women, but… o Women are more likely to die of heart attacks Atherosclerosis Most common form of CVD What is atherosclerosis? Accumulation of soft, fatty streaks on inner arterial walls o Fatty streaks enlarge & harden into fibrous plaques, which make arteries: Inelastic (hardened) Narrow o
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Blue Sheet Diet and Health - Diet and Health: Ch. 11...

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