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yellowworksheet side 1 - FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS*Many require...

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FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS *Many require protein carriers for transport *First into lyphm system, then into blood system *Needed in periodic doses (Weeks or months) *Less readilyexcreted: tend to remain in fat storage sites (i.e. stored ) *Likely to read toxic levels when comsumed from supplements Abbreviations: RAE = retinol activity equivalents; IU = internacional units; μg = micrograms; mg = milligrams; RBC = red blood cells Print fat & water Vitamin Read chapter 7 – The vitamins = page 261-268 o *Arguments favor in telling supplements o *Arguments against supplements o *Table C7-1 valid reasons Vitamin Major Function RDA or Adequate Intake Dietary Source Deficiency Symptoms Toxicity Symptoms Vitamin A Pro-Vitamin A (or “precursor” = Beta-carotene Vision Promote cell growth Support immune system Support reprodcutive system Antioxidant (as beta-carotene form) Females: 700μg RAE Males: 900 μg RAE (2300-3000 IU if as preformed vitamin A) Vitamin A: Liver Fortified milk Fortified breakfast cereal
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