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Study Guide #2 Ch. 3 Socialization Resocialization – total institutions and the Korean War brainwashing experiences o Koreans treated prisoners with respect but made them feel so isolated that they did not want to escape because they felt so isolated from any other U.S. soldier. Ch. 4 Social Interaction in Everyday Life Social status and role o Status - A social position that is part of our social identity and that defines our relationships to others o Role – the action expected of a person who holds a particular status Role conflict/role strain o Conflict – results from tension among roles linked to two or more statuses o Strain – results from tension among roles linked to a single status Achieved and ascribed statuses o Earned status and involuntary status Status set/role set o All the statuses a person holds (Doctor, father, baseball player…) o A number of roles attached to a single status (Father, husband, hard worker) Master status o Status by which a person refers to as highest status and lives life by Construction of reality-ethnomethodology-breaking the rules o Ethnomethodology – Harold Garfinkel’s term for the study of the way people make sense of their everyday surroundings. o Ethnomethodology often breaks the rules to see how different people will react Dramaturgical analysis-front stage/backstage o Dramaturgical analysis – the study of social interaction in terms of theoretical performances o All people have front and backstage; few people get to see your backstage. Many people use their “front stage” to impress someone; facial expressions, eye contact, touching, and body language Personal space
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o The more power you have, the more space you use. The surrounding area over which a person makes some claim to privacy. The social stare o When men claim social dominance and define women as sexual objects. Impression management o Many people are very self conscious of how others view them so impressions are very important when meeting new people. Civil inaction
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Sociology SG 2 - Study Guide#2 Ch 3 Socialization...

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