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Ch. 15 Terms - NR 130 Key Terms(36 Chapter 15 Ocean Basins...

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NR 130 Key Terms (36) Chapter 15: Ocean Basins Bolide: a large piece of space debris, such as an asteroid, that crashes into a planet Rock dredge: an open mouth steel net dragged along the sea floor behind a research ship for the purpose of sampling rocks from submarine outcrops Core: the innermost region of Earth, probably consisting of iron and nickel Sea-floor drilling: a process in which drill rigs mounted on offshore platforms or on research vessels cut cylindrical cores from both sediment and rock of the sea floor, which are then brought to the surface for study Echo sounder: an instrument that emits sound waves and then records them after they reflect off the sea floor. The data is then used to record the topography of the sea floor. Seismic profiler: a device used to construct a topographic profile of the ocean floor and to reveal layering sediment and rock beneath the sea floor Magnetometer: an instrument that measure Earth’s magnetic field Microwave radar: instruments and processes using reflections of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range Mid-Oceanic Ridge system: the continuous submarine mountain chain that forms at the boundary between divergent tectonic plates within oceanic crust. It circles Earth like the
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Ch. 15 Terms - NR 130 Key Terms(36 Chapter 15 Ocean Basins...

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