Christmastradtions - Christmas Calendars are filled with...

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Christmas Calendars are filled with printed reminders of important holidays and personal jottings of birthdays and other daily commitments. These memos help people plan their lives around said events and keep life operating smoothly. Dates to be rememberd can range from remembrance of honored presidents, to a night full of costumes and candy to a more spiritual holiday, Christmas. Christmas has a rich history, not rooted in Christian concepts as it lies today but the tradition of Christmas itself has remained largely the same in relation to its effects on communities. Contemporary Christmas exhibits predominately Christian themes and is viewed as the birthday of Jesus Christ; however, in its beginning, Christmas had nothing to do with the Christian Savior. Brian Bethune, in the article, “The Truth About Christmas,” relates that “early civilizations all marked the winter solstice – the return of light and hope – in some fashion,” thus the earliest traces of Christmas (Bethune 18). Encountering the word “solstice” brings to the minds of many Christians, pagan rituals, as solstices are most honored and revered in non-Christian practices. Early Roman Christians withheld from the December 25 th practices as “they defined themselves in opposition to their cultural surroundings”(Bethune 19). Not partaking in the holiday activities of the time, the Roman Christians spent their time contemplating other matters, such as the birth date of Jesus Christ. Many dates were speculated on but … those dates were challenged by implications drawn from an already hallowed day. March 25, the spring equinox, was thought to be the date of the creation of the world and the day Christ was crucified. Church fathers also believe that the Old Testament prophets lived a ‘whole’ number of years, dying
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Christmastradtions - Christmas Calendars are filled with...

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