EXPT04 - hold true closed loops and in all nodes and that...

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Experiment 4: Kirchoff’s Laws Procedure: 1. Vab = 2.52V, Vda = 6.47V, Ida = .789 mA, I2 = .537 mA, I3 = .252 mA 2. –(.789) + .537 + .252 = 0 3. 9 + -2.52 + -6.47 = 0 4. Pr1 = Vda * Ida = 5.1 mW, Pr2 = Vab * I2 = 1.4 mW, Pr3 = Vab * I3 = .635 mW Pdis = 5.1E-3 + 1.4E-3 + .635E-3 = .0071W 5. Pgen = 9 * (-.789E-3) = -.0071W 6. The absolute value of the power generated and the power dissipated are equal, but they have different signs. 7.
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8. 9. 10. Yes, the results agree with my analysis 11. Vab = 2.51V, Vda = 6.47V, Ida = .789mA, I2 = .537mA, I3 = .252mA 12. Yes, the result is about 0. KVL is satisfied. 13. Yes, the result is about 0. KCL is satisfied. 14. Pr1 = Vda*Ida = .0051W, Pr2 = Vab*I2 = .0013W, Pr3 = Vab*I3 = .633mW. Yes all of these values are positive. The total power dissipated in these three resistors is 7.1mW. 15. Psource = Vdc*Ida = -.0071. Yes, this value is negative 16. Yes, the power check is satisfied because the power dissipated plus the power generated is equal to 0. Conclusion: The main conclusion that I can draw from this experiment is that Kirchoff’s Laws
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Unformatted text preview: hold true closed loops and in all nodes, and that they are very useful when solving circuits. Given the initial information, I was able to solve for the currents and voltages around the circuit. When I actually constructed the circuit itself, the measured values were nearly identical. The minor differences come from the resistors being slightly different than the nominal values, as learned in previous labs. Final Thoughts/Comments: This lab took me somewhere between one hour and two hours. The bulk of this time was spent trying to use Pspice. I have never used it before, and it is difficult to learn to use something like this from a book. I was able to create the circuit itself in Pspice quite easily, but actually running it to test for the unknowns was difficult. All in all I thought the concepts of this lab were simple, but the execution of the procedures gave me some trouble....
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EXPT04 - hold true closed loops and in all nodes and that...

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