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Experiment 5: Series and Parallel Resistors Procedure: 1. 4k Ohms 2. .750k Ohms 3. N/A 4. .99k Ohms, 2.98k Ohms 5. (1000-900)/1000 * 100 = 1%, (3000-2980)/3000 * 100 = .67% 6. 3.98k Ohms 7. .75%, .5%. Yes, the rule of series addition is verified, because the nominal, expected, and measured values are all very similar. 8. N/A 9. .743k Ohms 10. 1/ (1/990 + 1/2980) = .743k Ohms 11. 0% 12. .93% 13. Yes, the rule of parallel combining is verified because the expected and measured values are very similar. Conclusion: From this experiment I can verify the validity of the rules for resistors in parallel and series.
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Unformatted text preview: The rule of simple addition for series resistors held very true for these experiments, as did the rule for parallel resistors. Therefore, the validity of the two have been proven. Final Thoughts/Comments : This was a very easy lab. It took me no longer than 20-25 minutes. The only suggestion I could make would be to re-word the instructions in procedure step 3. The way it was put made a very simple task seem complicated. Other than that, this was a good, simple lab that properly exemplified the rules for series and parallel resistors....
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