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Experiment 7: Delta-Wye Configurations Procedure: 1. I used matlab to solve the system of three equations. My results were: R1 = 1.2k Ohms, R2 = 1.1k Ohms, R3 = 1k Ohms 2. I don’t have a digital camera, so I am unable to take a picture of my circuits. They are fairly simple, though. 3. Delta Wye Rab 2.27k 2.27k Rbc 2.07k 2.07k Rac 2.18k 2.18k 4. There is a 0% difference between the delta and the wye resistances. They are identical. 5. Yes, these experimental resistances agree with the calculated values. The calculated values for R1, R2, and R3, when used in the proper wye formation, produced identical results to the delta resistances. These means that my calculations were correct and the procedures were properly carried out. 6. The resistances between the formations could produce slightly different results for a number of different reasons. The internal resistances of the board could potentially differ between where you build each of the circuits. Also, the resistors in our kit are not exactly the nominal values, they are slightly off. This would alter the resulting wye resistances.
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