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OQ1_soln - A energy B C charge 4 A 1000 ohm resistor has a...

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1. In the international system of units (SI) the unit of power is the: volt A. watt B. C. joule 2. When passive sign notation is used for current and voltage, if the product of current through a circuit element and voltage across the circuit element is positive then the element is delivering power to the rest of the circuit. False 3. The kWh is not an SI unit, but it is a frequently used unit of: power
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Unformatted text preview: A. energy B. C. charge 4. A 1000 ohm resistor has a current of 1 mA flowing through it. After 1000 seconds the energy in Joules delivered to the resistor is: (enter your answer as a number only) 1 5. An electron traveling from the positive terminal of a 9 V battery to the negative terminal will: lose potential energy A. gain potential energy B. C. have no change in potential energy...
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