Study guide for exam 1

Study guide for exam 1 - Screenings o Some Like It...

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Screenings o Some Like It Hot (Wilder, 1959) Fantastical, escapes from life, musicals had bigger budgets One of the few films about Hollywood itself Used Broadway’s songs o North by Northwest (Hitchcock, 1959) A lot going on Starts in New York Goes to Chicago Detour to Indiana Journey Back to Chicago Then to South Dakota Goals shift from place to place, (2 Main) Clear his name, not Kaplan Eve – production code took sex talk out o Train – likes her o Crop duster – doesn’t like her o Art auction – hates her, makes fool of himself o Goes to South Dakota to rescue her o Singin' in the Rain (Donen and Kelly, 1952) Clips o Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Hughes, 1986) What can we say about these characters? Ferris early goals – wants to stay home sick from school. It’s too nice out. Genie – its unfair wants out. Kind of a bitch. Parents – very gullible to Ferris’s fake sickness o Pump Up the Volume (Moyle, 1990) How do people react to him? Weird/shy. He feels the world is on edge Radio persona – obsession with sex, distraction with the current world he lives in. o Dodgeball (Thurber, 2004) Peter – doesn’t care, nicer laid back, “Average Joe” White Goodman – Globo gym, greedy ways of getting in shape, but works. Very proud of his image through a commercial There is a contrast between both of them o Tootsie (Pollack, 1982) #2 on funniest movies, Some Like It Hot #1 Goal to raise $8,000 for film Wasn’t an automatic acceptance Another woman affirms him as a girl o The Bird Cage (Nichols, 1996) Arman Trying to down play his freaking out and generally emotional Identified as their son’s mother Pinky up Posture Mustard on toast Swishy walk This is the opposite of Tootsie and Some Like It Hot
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Man trying to become more masculine o He has to be in control, Clothing Calm Cool Collective Stand straight and tall Package grabbing “Yo” Men don’t dance o Psycho (Hitchcock, 1960) Lighting – low key Objects in room Paintings of nudes (Norman has issues with women) Stuffed birds (hobbies) o Back to the Future (Zemeckis, 1985) Even though we never see Doc we know what he is like because: Clocks Newspaper article from 1955 Old paintings Everything is on a timer Plutonium is missing Burnt toast Can opener Absent minded o Casablanca (Curtiz, 1943) Dialogue volume: music went down Music volume: go louder going through door How it changes: music ultimately dies down o We Were Soldiers (Wallace, 2002) Dialogue and other human noises played up Helicopters and other noise down o Return of the Jedi (Marquand, 1983) Breathing apparatus Swords hitting o Easy Rider (Hopper, 1969) Born to be wild Ties together beginning scene Montage – speeds through boring parts but let’s you know what’s going on
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Study guide for exam 1 - Screenings o Some Like It...

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