exam 2 review - Citizen Kane (Welles, 1942) The Producers...

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Citizen Kane (Welles, 1942) The Producers (Brooks, 1968) – makes fun of Broadway. We like our arts not to be economically tied together. Flop is more of a profit than a hit. 1. Choice of director 2. Script writer 3. Casting Spring time/Hitler Film actually success… Audience says that it’s good at intermission. Makes fun of the Germans, Jewish people, homosexuals, foreign women, the audience at the play is not made fun of. Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick, 1987) Based on a book – The Short Timers Masculinity – name calling, hazing, nature of the physical training (All lessons and masculinity) Representations of women – not represented at all, gave names to gun The Vietnamese – thieves, pimps, prostitutes, except sniper attitude changes when they find out that he is a she. Questioning the U.S. role – Joker constant conflict, Peace, born to kill Mass media – intense focus on body counts, measure progress of war, interview the troops a lot, “living room war” Real enemy? – difficult Press? – put spin on details Vietnamese American Government Death o Rock music – Rolling Stones – “Paint it Black”, 1960’s – innovative time period Clips: Talladega Nights – Basic appearance on the table Dominos, Taco Bell, Powerade When Harry Met Sally – camera on Harry, then Sally, back and forth then to other people around the room Citizen Kane – things are focused from front to back, only 8 cuts, (transitions) Man with the Movie Camera – theme, opening eyes to blinds; woman waking up to homeless man waking up; no story – no point – point to look at the images and put them together, montage Citizen Bob – similarities between Citizen Cane and Citizen Bob – newsreel, deep focus, map, election, and opening shot. Young Frankenstein – how does he mess with how it’s suppose to turn out? Miscommunication of monster groaning; not as scary as he should be; charades while being choked. “it’s alive” History of the World, Part I – Orsen Welles is the voice over; Spanish Inquisition Spaceballs – makes fun of Star Wars Green Berets – Vietnam War became just another war, helicopter, not received well, melodramatic, sunset wrong! Apocalypse Now – sent to the jungle to assassinate someone, voice over, couldn’t figure out how to fit back into society, sound match (helicopter and fan), way over budget, filmed in Philippines, Martin Sheen had a heart attack, bleeding/drunk/rolling around (real) Platoon – first of the trilogy, most realistic Vietnam War, based on Stone’s time there, him arriving/leaving (no United States time), shadowy editing, sound Born on the Fourth of July – second in trilogy, people that are supportive/not supportive, welcome back parade Concepts from Lectures: Studio System o Components Production Everything that goes into to actually making the film.
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Casting, bringing in the producers, and special effects Distribution Advertising
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exam 2 review - Citizen Kane (Welles, 1942) The Producers...

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