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Exam Study Guides (Prep Game solutions have been added to the bottom of the page!) Study Guide for Exam I Print My Notes | Previous Next Up Top Index Exam Time is Around the Corner!!!! What will be on the test? To help you in your diligent preparation for the exam, I have listed the subjects that you must command in order to succeed in this important milestone: Clear knowledge of what a Supply Chain is and what are its main goals and objectives. Identify and understand all the key players in the Supply Chain and what their roles are. Identify Supply Chains in real corporate scenarios and point out the role that each link in the chain plays. All aspects of Supply Chain decision making (phases, factors, examples from the textbook and reading materials). Understand the flows in the Supply Chain and how they occur in real scenarios (Recall the three main flows). Understand the role of the Supply Chain in supporting the competitive Strategy of a company. Understand the Process view of the Supply Chain and each of the cycles involved. Understand the Push/Pull view of Supply Chains and all aspects related to both sides. Understand the concept and role of Supply Chain macro processes: CRM, SRM, and ISCM. No need to memorize facts and figures about the company examples discussed in the textbook. However you should be able to identify the key issues and the reason the companies made various choices. Understand the central issue discussed in the articles in the reading assignments. All of the material in Chapter 2 except metrics (Supply Chain metrics will be covered later in the course). The practical application of Little’s Law. The Seven-Eleven Japan case. Major issues discussed in the four assigned questions. All of Chapter 3.
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Exam 1 Study Guide - Exam Study Guides (Prep Game solutions...

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