Italian I Midterm Review

Italian I Midterm Review - The Review for the Midterm Exam:...

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The Review for the Midterm Exam: This review will be an overview of grammatical points that you all will need to know for the midterm exam. I will not be placing exercises on this because the other review documents, posted on the Blackboard site, will serve as the practice. This review will breakdown the grammar that you should know, it’s uses, and when to use it (and maybe a couple of exercises for practice). Gli articoli indeterminativi : The indefinite articles. These express the English equivalent to “a” or “an”. When, you might ask, would you use them? The same as when you would use them in English. The Italian indefinite articles are as follows: un (singular/masculine), una (singular/feminine), un’ (singular/masculine or feminine), uno (singular/masculine). That is it. “ Uno ” is used, as you all are aware, with words that begin with the following combination : ps, z, s+ consonant . “ Un ” is used with masculine words (basically words that end in ‘o’). “ Una” is used with singular feminine words and un’ ” is used before words that begin with a vowel. These are your indefinite articles. Gli articoli determinative : The definite articles. These are used to, in a certain sense, to state “the” but they are determined by the gender of the noun. In Italian the definite articles are as follows: il, la, l’, lo, i, le, gli . I know that we’ve gone over these for some time now but it is helpful to review the usage of these articles. Il
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Italian I Midterm Review - The Review for the Midterm Exam:...

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