Goals - Heads (k f = min-1 ) (k r = min-1 ) Tails Rate f =...

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Goals Describe a reaction at equilibrium Describe what information G 0 gives Navigate reaction E diagrams List factors that dictate reaction rates Compare rates based on E diagrams Equilibrium – Part II How are rates and equilibrium related to energetics? Can we change where a system reaches equilibrium? Text: Sections 9.11 – 9.12 A) Kinetics and Equilibrium
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Unformatted text preview: Heads (k f = min-1 ) (k r = min-1 ) Tails Rate f = k f [Heads] Rate r = k r [Tails] Heads Tails 24 12 12 12 6 3 9 15 5 4 8 16 4 4 Heads Tails Is G + or -? Which has a lower E a : The forward or reverse reaction? What does the reaction E diagram look like for this reaction?...
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