Terminology for Exam 1

Terminology for Exam 1 - TERMINOLOGY 1 The House where the...

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TERMINOLOGY 1. The House where the audience sits 2. The Voms entranceways in a theatre; sometimes through, beside or underneath audience 3. House Manager handles audience; seats late audience members, can be ushers, can help w/ seating, makes sure seating is even 4. Weigh the House make sure seating is even (House manager does this) 5. Late Comers Late audience members, may have to come in on scene transitions 6. Legs Legs hide the wings 7. Wings off-stage, wither right or left 8. Teaser Hides the instruments above the proscenium arch 9. Foot Lights Lights at the bottom of stage 1
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TERMINOLOGY 10. Special Kind of lighting cue, sort of like a spotlight, can be different colors depending on the mood of the scene 11. Follow Spot spotlight that follows actor around the stage 12. Quick Change extremely fast costume change 13. Spike Marks marks for furniture for different scenes, use spike tape; ½ inch wide; different colors. Sometimes done w/ glow tape. 14. Strike to remove something from stage, at the end of the run, they strike the whole set. Native Americans did this when they removed a particular hut that a ritual took place in. 15. Stage Hands/Crew
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Terminology for Exam 1 - TERMINOLOGY 1 The House where the...

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