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ENGL 102 Lesson 1

ENGL 102 Lesson 1 - Joseph Walter Clark 25 January 2007...

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Joseph Walter Clark 25 January 2007 English 102 Lesson 1 Allyn & Bacon: 1. (Exercise 1) Only a week ago I was required to argue for a position of employment as to whether I was the best person for the job. In order to support this claim I used clear examples from my previous employment and facts about my past customer service experience. For further support I also outlined to the interviewer the duties I would perform for them should they decide to hire me. I was selected for the job and this positive outcome demonstrates that my argument was effective to them. (Exercise 3) 2. Assignments at the college level are much more demanding than those in high school. In college level courses professors sometimes assign a great deal more material to be done outside of regular class time. In high school, I was able to finish the majority of assignments during class. As well, I could pass most tests simply by paying attention to the lecture, without any extra studying. 3. My friend Sandy usually offers sound advice. He takes the time to research subjects of interest and usually provides backing for the
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recommendations he offers. When we were both deciding what model of laptop to purchase for college he would send me websites to investigate along with the advice he extended. 2. f. “Violence on television produces violent behavior in children who watch more than four hours a day.” The implications of this claim are that after children watch television they imitate what they see and that what is marketed on television is violence. These days, people tend to watch a great deal of television, and so controversy is bound to arise when graphic content is poorly censored for children. By empirically determining whether or not children emulate what they see on television this issue could be resolved with greater control on what certain age groups are permitted to watch.
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ENGL 102 Lesson 1 - Joseph Walter Clark 25 January 2007...

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