ENGL 102 Lesson 2

ENGL 102 Lesson 2 - Joseph Walter Clark 26 February 2007...

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Joseph Walter Clark 26 February 2007 ENGL 102 Lesson 2 Exercise 9 1. Many of the excerpts draw connections between advertising and smoking, for example David Futrelle mentions the glamour advertising has given to such a damaging activity. Other articles, such as Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and John Pierce’s writing, use examples to prove the connection. Respectively, these two articles refer to personal studies proving the relationship of advertisements to smoker’s preferred brand of cigarette and instances where broadcast bans on cigarette advertising have led to a proportional drop in per capita smoking. 2. A key point of these articles is the evidence that tobacco advertisement targets teenagers. The article Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids makes a point of this, as does Jacob Sullum, by writing that the three most advertised cigarette brands are also the ones most preferred by youths. John Pierce makes a more direct approach, using references to documents from the tobacco industry itself which show intent to focus advertisement on teenagers. Some of these tactics, as Robert Schwebel points out, include cartoons or give-aways where teenagers can win prizes. I do not personally smoke but I agree with Jacob Sullum in his assessment that smoking has become a status symbol and that the greatest pressure to smoke 1
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comes from images of the people around us. 3. In terms of influence upon teenager’s smoking habits there are varying opinions among the articles. Futrelle actually points out a Canadian advertisement ban which saw a subsequent rise in smokers, whilst Sullum and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids show direct and positive correlations between popular brands and the amount of advertising they receive. Pierce also goes on to point out, that the Joe Camel campaign saw the end of a prior decline in adolescent smoking. The majority of people I know who smoke are under the age of thirty, so I can safely assume that cigarette advertisements have been influencing younger audiences most effectively. Exercise 4 Sullum Sullum would point out that smokers would often personally attribute their habit to peer pressure and environment, but then point out how advertising influenced brand preference for these people. Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
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ENGL 102 Lesson 2 - Joseph Walter Clark 26 February 2007...

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