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ENGL 102 Lesson 3

ENGL 102 Lesson 3 - Joseph Walter Clark 3 April 2007...

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Joseph Walter Clark 3 April 2007 English 102 Lesson 3 Argument: 1. Reading and Discussion Questions 1. The three parts of this essay lend themselves to classification as a support, a warrant, and a claim which encompasses a solution. The first two pages from Burger’s essay in Argument, page 95 to 96, are the support and could be headed ‘The History of Our Right to Bear Arms’. Following this is a warrant of sorts which challenges the inherent right of citizens to bear arms and might be called ‘The Legality of Our Right to Bear Arms’. Finally, the four piece, numbered solution along with Burger’s claim I would call ‘Licensing Saves Lives’. 2. The main tactic Burger uses is to discredit his most probable opposition. He states that citizens don’t necessarily have the right to bear arms as they once did, and he points out how the Second Amendment’s “provision concerning firearms emerged in very simple terms with a significant predicate”. This predicate, the need for a militia, Burger expounds upon for almost two thirds of the essay through a history of our nation’s birth and the formation of the Constitution which creates a thorough support for Burger’s claim hinging on his interpretation of the Constitution. 3. The most probable opposition to Burger’s claim would be a face value, modern interpretation of the Second Amendment. This is why he provides a history of the Bill of Rights to show the intent its authors had when adding it to the Constitution . The 1
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pertinence of this huge amount of background is to strengthen his warrant and prove that firearms are not a constitutional right. With the growing crime rates and “mindless homicidal carnage” resulting from the availability of personal firearms, Burger challenges the “right to bear arms” as having outlived its purpose and now actually posing a threat to society. . 4. Historically, rifles and shotguns have been used as hunting implements, but their use today, as opposed to when the Second Amendment was drafted, “is essentially a recreational activity and not an imperative of survival”. However, Burger still sides with the right of hunters to keep firearms that are solely intended for sport because of how effective they are in comparison to other, far more dangerous weapons. ‘Saturday night specials’, small inexpensive handguns popularly used to commit crimes, and also machine guns are the firearms he feels are not historically protected and deserve far greater regulation. 5. The analogy between handguns and motor vehicles that Burger uses is both effective and yet slightly misleading at the same time. Obviously handguns cannot be used to cross borders or skip town to avoid criminal consequences, but both used incorrectly can be dangerous or even fatal so it is worth mentioning this comparison when one considers just how difficult it is to buy and maintain ownership of a car. 2. Discussion Questions
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ENGL 102 Lesson 3 - Joseph Walter Clark 3 April 2007...

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