ENGL 102 Lesson 9

ENGL 102 Lesson 9 - Joseph Walter Clark 10 Aug. 2007...

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Joseph Walter Clark 10 Aug. 2007 English 102 Lesson 9 1. Allport’s speech makes extended use of terms and phrases that would not be appropriate in a written essay. For example, the words “I” and “us” suggest an oral presentation. In order to make this more suitable as a paper some shifting within the structure would be in order. The three anecdotes that begin the speech do not make a proper thesis so I would elaborate less on them and create a better opening paragraph. 2. Using the principle of examples the three anecdotes are arranged in careful order to help the reader’s understanding. They progress in effectiveness and obviousness. The first two are short and require a certain understanding of social dynamics but the final is explained clearly using experimental data as proof. 3. Use of the word warrant in Allport’s essay means that those with prejudice have taken for granted the fact that a group of people will act in a certain way. It is the same sort of warrant given in the Argument text in that the warrant connects directly to a claim. The textbook teaches that a support is required to utilize a warrant. However, by definition prejudice needs no support, and hence “without
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ENGL 102 Lesson 9 - Joseph Walter Clark 10 Aug. 2007...

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